Richard and Michele Bledsoe are a husband and wife team of visionary artists with over 20 years of exhibition experience. Both were painters when they met – it was the art that brought them together.
When a work actually achieves the level of art, it radiates a visceral presence that can be felt by anyone. The viewer will not need an explanation or an education to feel that sensation; it’s either there or it’s not. Art is to be found in a deep place of the human experience; in there, the potent energies of creation can take on surprisingly dark and primal forms. The job of the artist is to go into that shadow fearlessly, and to represent our discoveries as accurately as possible. We operate with a sense of wonder and reverence. Our purpose is not to shock or offend, but to incite – to stir perception in the wordless depths we all share. True art generates connection and communion, even as it surprises. Visionary art makes spiritual insights perceptible. As an intuitive expression of the imagination, visionary art communicates as dreams do, symbolically presenting the shared wisdom of human consciousness. Our work does not act as simplistic visual shortcuts for some political notion – it’s not propaganda. Rather, our art aspires to manifest the eternal in a contemporary form.
secret bledsoesWHY IT MATTERS
Art needs a revolution. It is not a side issue – it’s the core of the matter. Art has been marginalized in our culture by the mismanagement practiced on it by elites. In doing so, they have blocked access to powerful resources – denying our society the inspiration to live up to ideals, the encouragement to think and feel deeply, the yearning to harmonize with truth and beauty. This betrayal of the traditional purposes of art is no accident.
Through their platforms of the arts, media, government and education, elitists have focused on a corrosion of values and an undermining of the human spirit, all to better position themselves as the new masters of a passive and befuddled populace. The pressure to conform to the agenda is relentless.
 Real art has immediacy, but it also supports contemplation. It encourages access to the more profound capacities of the human mind and spirit. That is why the authoritarians in our midst are so eager to deny art as a mass experience, to turn it into a puzzling code meant just for the privileged. Remodernism is the art of a joyous insurgency. By sharing our art and ideas with others, describing a different perspective on the role of creativity in society, we are doing our part to change the course of our culture, history, Western Civilization itself. The need is great.

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