The Case For Optimism

“Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.”

-Henri Matisse

So while this blog will be an ongoing confrontation with the forces of evil, I realize an endless presentation of complaint and attack would be tiresome. It also does not reflect the positive vision I have of this life.

The world is full of joy, and the Lord has put us here to have life more abundantly. I relish the work that I’m doing-the painting, the writing, the sense that I can make a difference in this time of need-and that many others are also rising to the challenges that our society is facing.

Our brave founding fathers put everything they had on the line to create a new way of existence on this planet. Their ideas, while immanently practical, also contained true hope and faith in individual potential. Now it’s our turn to make sure America, the greatest of human endeavors, survives for future generations to experience.

Still so much to be done! It’s all so exciting.