The Tyranny of Cool

GREG GUTFELD: A timely rebuttal of the fundamental problem America faces: the elitist domination of our culture and creative classes.

Without a doubt voter fraud helped put Obama over the top in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

But like Hugh Hewitt says, “If it’s not close, they can’t cheat.”

The only reason the voter fraud can work, can make the difference by ginning up an illicit percentage point or three, is by being aided and abetted by the legitimate votes of millions and millions of citizens who have been hypnotized by the buzzing of the collectivist hive mind. The blatant message constantly transmitted is America is not cool. Liberty is not cool.

The hostility to American greatness oozes out of practically every TV show, movie, classroom, and news station in this country. I’ve lived and worked amongst the herd of the creative class for decades now, and their unthinking conformity to collectivist dogma would be laughable if it were not so dangerous to our freedom.

It’s amazing we haven’t fallen farther already, considering the 100 year assault this country’s principles have suffered.

But Cultural Marxism can only succeed if it’s obligatory. Political correctness tries to limit options so the left is the only choice.

We are working to create an alternative to the rigid controls our would-be rulers want to impose on us.

Forget cool. Dead things are cool. Now is the time to get fiery.