History: Citywide Studios Part 1

From 2001-2003 my home was a warehouse studio space in downtown Phoenix. A friend stated that I lived in a shed.

The rent was only $230 a month, which allowed me to go part time at my corporate job. I worked three 10 hour days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) in the most depressing role I’ve ever held-credit card retention. In a cubical, tied to headset, accountable for ever minute of my time. Trying to prevent people from closing out their over-extended credit, or moving away their high interest balances. I shuddered in horror when my company proudly announced customers now owed over a billion dollars in unsecured debt.

Unfortunately I was very effective in this evil pursuit. I’ve always been a very dedicated worker. Good performance gave me leeway with the management; they tolerated my nonconformist appearance and attitudes because my numbers were good.

Away from the job, my life revolved around my art.
-to be continued