History: Citywide Studios Part 3

An ongoing description of my two years living in an art studio warehouse 2001-2003

My unit of the building was one big open room, probably about 15′ x 35′, if I remember correctly. Some day I’ll have to confirm that.

Cement floor. 20′ high ceilings with immense exposed wooden rafters. A little half bath was walled off  in one corner, and an industrial sink installed in the main room. A swamp cooler provided the only climate control. No heat, and no air conditioning in the Arizona summer. Very challenging.

The shower was in the unit next door. To get there I had to walk outside through the parking lot and use keys to open a barred gate and heavy exterior door. That shower was well secured.

Inside the shower room it was well tiled, with lots of colors and whimsical chunks of broken ceramic sculptures incorporated into the walls. The whole building in fact was painted in bright colors. It reflected the style of the landlady.

to be continued