History: Citywide Studios Part 5

An ongoing description of my two years living in an art studio warehouse 2001-2003

The 2/3 of the room I made my working studio filled many additional functions. On of the primary uses was display space.

For many of the months I lived there, I signed up to be part of the First Friday gallery tour. Buses would come and deliver patrons to tour my studio.

For these events I would clear as much as possible out of the front space ahead of time.  I’d mop the cement floor with Spic and Span, and 409 the heck out of the bathroom.

I hung a new exhibit of work every month, originally my own, but in time I expanded to include guest artists as well.

In addition to First Fridays, every spring a weekend arts festival was held called Art Detour. Then I would be open all day Saturday and Sunday as well.