Video: The Next Big Thing

BLOOMBERG: Contemporary Art Market Sizzling

The theory presented in the video is the art market will continue to thrive, based on the liquidation of great collections build decades ago.

But what about the artists of today? Who are the future super stars of art?

That is the problem with 50 years of agenda based art. Because quality and vision have been sacrificed for ideology and sensationalism, the productions of the current art world offer meager hope for enduring relevance and value.

Remodernism is not part of the elite’s plan. The arts establishment assumes they continue to dictate success in the arts based on cronyism and obedience. The idea of a grass roots movement that not only rejects current cultural institution expectations, but seeks to actively destroy their corrupt system, is inconceivable to them.

The feeble offerings of the contemporary art market can only exist in a monopoly format. If there were true freedom of expression, and a diversity of thought, then the art market would be out of the control of the self-proclaimed taste makers. The good news is this freedom is coming, whether they like it or not.

Remodernism will alter the course of Western civilization by restoring to art the principles that made our culture great.The forces of decadence and decay will be confronted and defeated.

What kind of price can you put on ideas that change the world?

Gallery Closing

Deus Ex Machina Gallery and Studio opened on December 7, 2007. In the last 5 years, our cooperative gallery has been open every First Friday and Third Friday, with a new exhibit hung every month. Often guest artists-some from as far away as France-were featured, in addition to the works of the members.

Our itinerary expanded with time. Currently in addition to the 2 gallery nights, we host a poetry reading on Second Fridays, which is often standing room only. We host “A Coven of Nerds,” a game night, on second Saturdays. The space started recently being used for a monthly writing salon on Sunday afternoons.

These were just our ongoing events. We’ve also hosted performance art, experimental theater, film, dance, live music shows from surf to industrial, and collaborative art projects.

All along the space has functioned as my oil painting studio. I spent many valuable hours there creating some of the most significant works of my life.

It’s been a labor of love with some wonderful people. But it’s time to do things differently.

December 2012 will be the final month of Deus Ex Machina. I end this grand experiment with a full heart, already pressing on to the next adventure.



An Unexpected Journey

Sorry for a gap of few days in posting, we had a visit to make on short notice. Family manifests the richness of life. I love them all, and wish I could see more of everyone, all the time.

To continue the Tolkein motif, Gaypatriot expands on Ace’s Treebeardian wisdom on the recent election: Don’t be hasty.

The parallels our struggle is taking on to various modern mythos-Tolkien, Harry Potter, Firefly-is inspiring. The artists have foretold the outcome of the actions we are embarking on. The righteous will persevere despite overwhelming odds. Art should be full of these same type of examples.

Commentary: PoMo No Mo

They’re finally declaring Postmodernism dead.

Was it ever alive to begin with?

This is from 2011, but the art world is still in the denial phase of grief.
What the author of this piece discusses as the dawning Age of Authenticism has already begun.  The destruction of the Leftist monopoly of culture that Post Modernism represents is well underway.

The NeoMarxist Narrativephiles  ran out of resources and credibility before their goal of domination was complete. The rollback of their entrenched influence will be a long process but their defeat is inevitable, based on the massive failure of their ideas.
No more Narrative and Deconstruction. Time to get real again.

The Stuckist Manifesto

Long but worthwhile-the original statement about the Stuckism by Billy Childish and Charles Thomson. They later decided Stuckism was just a facet of the larger art world reformation of Remodernism. These two principled men were able to critique the folly the art world has become, while at the same time launching not one but two open source art movements that are destined to finally bury the rotting corpse of Post Modernism. I am grateful for their wisdom and generosity. -Richard Bledsoe


(est. 1999)

“Your paintings are stuck,

you are stuck!

Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!”

Tracey Emin

Against conceptualism, hedonism and the cult of the ego–artist.


1.      Stuckism is the quest for authenticity.  By removing the mask of cleverness and admitting where we are, the Stuckist allows him/herself uncensored expression.

2.      Painting is the medium of self–discovery.  It engages the person fully with a process of action, emotion, thought and vision, revealing all of these with intimate and unforgiving breadth and detail.

3.      Stuckism proposes a model of art which is holistic.  It is a meeting of the conscious and unconscious, thought and emotion, spiritual and material, private and public.  Modernism is a school of fragmentation — one aspect of art is isolated and exaggerated to detriment of the whole.  This is a fundamental distortion of the human experience and perpetrates an egocentric lie.

4.      Artists who don’t paint aren’t artists.

5.      Art that has to be in a gallery to be art isn’t art.

6.      The Stuckist paints pictures because painting pictures is what matters.

7.      The Stuckist is not mesmerised by the glittering prizes, but is wholeheartedly engaged in the process of painting. Success to the Stuckist is to get out of bed in the morning and paint.

8.      It is the Stuckist’s duty to explore his/her neurosis and innocence through the making of paintings and displaying them in public, thereby enriching society by giving shared form to individual experience and an individual form to shared experience.

9.      The Stuckist is not a career artist but rather an amateur (amare, Latin, to love) who takes risks on the canvas rather than hiding behind ready–made objects (e.g. a dead sheep).  The amateur, far from being second to the professional, is at the forefront of experimentation, unencumbered by the need to be seen as infallible.  Leaps of human endeavour are made by the intrepid individual, because he/she does not have to protect their status.  Unlike the professional, the Stuckist is not afraid to fail.

10.  Painting is mysterious.  It creates worlds within worlds, giving access to the unseen psychological realities that we inhabit.  The results are radically different from the materials employed.  An existing object (e.g. a dead sheep) blocks access to the inner world and can only remain part of the physical world it inhabits, be it moorland or gallery.  Ready–made art is a polemic of materialism.

11.  Post Modernism, in its adolescent attempt to ape the clever and witty in modern art, has shown itself to be lost in a cul–de–sac of idiocy.  What was once a searching and provocative process (as Dadaism) has given way to trite cleverness for commercial exploitation.  The Stuckist calls for an art that is alive with all aspects of human experience; dares to communicate its ideas in primeval pigment; and possibly experiences itself as not at all clever!

12.  Against the jingoism of Brit Art and the ego–artist.  Stuckism is an international non–movement.

13.  Stuckism is anti ‘ism’.  Stuckism doesn’t become an ‘ism’ because Stuckism is not Stuckism, it is stuck!

14.  Brit Art, in being sponsored by Saachis, main stream conservatism and the Labour government, makes a mockery of its claim to be subversive or avant–garde.

15.  The ego–artist’s constant striving for public recognition results in a constant fear of failure.  The Stuckist risks failure wilfully and mindfully by daring to transmute his/her ideas through the realms of painting.  Whereas the ego–artist’s fear of failure inevitably brings about an underlying self–loathing, the failures that the Stuckist encounters engage him/her in a deepening process which leads to the understanding of the futility of all striving.  The Stuckist doesn’t strive — which is to avoid who and where you are — the Stuckist engages with the moment.

16.  The Stuckist gives up the laborious task of playing games of novelty, shock and gimmick.  The Stuckist neither looks backwards nor forwards but is engaged with the study of the human condition.  The Stuckists champion process over cleverness, realism over abstraction, content over void, humour over wittiness and painting over smugness.

17.  If it is the conceptualist’s wish to always be clever, then it is the Stuckist’s duty to always be wrong.

18.  The Stuckist is opposed to the sterility of the white wall gallery system and calls for exhibitions to be held in homes and musty museums, with access to sofas, tables, chairs and cups of tea.  The surroundings in which art is experienced (rather than viewed) should not be artificial and vacuous.

19.  Crimes of education: instead of promoting the advancement of personal expression through appropriate art processes and thereby enriching society, the art school system has become a slick bureaucracy, whose primary motivation is financial.  The Stuckists call for an open policy of admission to all art schools based on the individual’s work regardless of his/her academic record, or so–called lack of it.

We further call for the policy of entrapping rich and untalented students from at home and abroad to be halted forthwith.

We also demand that all college buildings be available for adult education and recreational use of the indigenous population of the respective catchment area.  If a school or college is unable to offer benefits to the community it is guesting in, then it has no right to be tolerated.

20.  Stuckism embraces all that it denounces.  We only denounce that which stops at the starting point — Stuckism starts at the stopping point!

Billy Childish

Charles Thomson


The following have been proposed to the Bureau of Inquiry for possible inclusion as Honorary Stuckists:

Katsushika Hokusai

Utagawa Hiroshige

Vincent van Gogh

Edvard Munch

Karl Schmidt–Rotluff

Max Beckman

Kurt Schwitters

The Case For Optimism

“Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.”

-Henri Matisse

So while this blog will be an ongoing confrontation with the forces of evil, I realize an endless presentation of complaint and attack would be tiresome. It also does not reflect the positive vision I have of this life.

The world is full of joy, and the Lord has put us here to have life more abundantly. I relish the work that I’m doing-the painting, the writing, the sense that I can make a difference in this time of need-and that many others are also rising to the challenges that our society is facing.

Our brave founding fathers put everything they had on the line to create a new way of existence on this planet. Their ideas, while immanently practical, also contained true hope and faith in individual potential. Now it’s our turn to make sure America, the greatest of human endeavors, survives for future generations to experience.

Still so much to be done! It’s all so exciting.