Artwork: Richard Bledsoe


Richard Bledsoe “Fortunato” oil on canvas 20″ x 16″

Part of a series of literary alcoholics I’m working on-in this case from the Edgar Allan Poe story, “The Cask of Amontillado.”

This is the first oil painting I’ve completed since moving my studio into my house in December of 2012. I actually finished this painting a few weeks ago, I’m finding I’m working more frequently on my oil paintings since they are so easily accessible, and they are progressing quicker.

Studio: A Production Goal

Recently I decided to challenge myself with a new body of work, inspired by the writings of Williams S Burroughs. The paintings will be acrylics on canvas, small format. The idea is to evoke the bizarre image cascade of his best books.

So far I have created 4 12″ x 12″ canvases in 8 days.

My goal is to have 30 paintings in this series complete by April.

I sense the momentum building.



Notes From The Studio: Storage

Artists have an amplified version of a common problem:

Where am I going to keep all my stuff?

Here is my home acrylic studio is part of my solution-a combination of a thrift store cabinet and a some-assembly-required Swedish shelving unit.

Stacked and paint, and ta da!

A hybrid studio furniture storage unit!

Notes From The Studio: Richard’s Acrylic Painting Setup

The Home Studio with work in progress

I do my acrylic paintings in my home studio. Acrylics are a water based medium; they are non-toxic and easy to clean up after. Michele and I share the front room of our house as our studio.

This is my easel by the front door, featuring a work in progress. On the table is the CD player (music is crucial to the creative mood), coffee cup (caffeine is also essential), brush tub for brush cleaning, and a space for paints, brushes, books and papers to accumulate.